Scarlet spots in a tropical scene

10:31:00 December 31, 2015
© (From Hanoimoi) (HNMO) - Visiting Dalat during winter days, one will not only enjoy romantic places full of sunflowers but also be surprised at forest submerged by red maple leaves.

They are not as colorful as in temperate zone but out-standing scarlet spots in a tropical scene of Vietnam is great enough.

Following us and discover maple forest in Tuyet Lam Lake area to experience a totally different Dalat.


Scarlet spots in a tropical scene

There are some 40 maple trees in the forest. Visitors would take 1-kilometer-long journey in dinghy. Tuyen Lam - located 6km South from the city center - is the largest lake in Dalat. Get ready... ... to star the adventure. Color of red warms the cold season. Young travelers make it through the undisturbed forest. Save precious memories... After a long journey, travelers can take a rest and enjoy barbecue in a small house nearby.
Mai Chi Source (From Hanoimoi)

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