Tens of thousands of tourists visit "Memories of Hanoi" programme

09:30:14 Tuesday, January 05, 2016
Hanoi Tourism Department closed the "Memories of Hanoi" programme at the Thang Long Imperial Citadel on January 4.

The programme aims to reconstruct spaces of the old town with ancient villages as well as the handicraft products of the ancient Thang Long - Hanoi, providing opportunities for domestic and international tourists enjoying an emotional old capital.

Taking place from December 30, 2015 to January 4, 2016, "Memories of Hanoi" programme consisted of 4 major activities: exhibition and installation art, decorative arts, arts and cultural programs and the organising to welcome the first international tourist to Hanoi in 2016.

Hanoi Department of Tourism awards to organizations and individuals for their contributions to the "Memories of Hanoi" programme.

The programme was the first cultural tourism activity held by Hanoi Tourism Department aiming to introduce the capital of Hanoi in memory to numerous local residents, domestic and foreign tourists.

The organizing board arranged various exhibition areas and art installations, mainly made of wood, on Hanoi in the past such as: "Memories of old Hanoi", "Cultural beauty of Hanoi", "Ancient streets in Hanoi".

The programme reoccurred a space of the old Thang Long Citadel, the Old Quarter where the "Hang" name suggests nearly 80 streets begin with the"Goods" letter of old Hanoi. At the event, the space of suburban village brought a peaceful sense and a special beauty of a village, a craft village in street.

At the programme

In addition, spaces of "Cuisine of Hanoi", "Experience Space", "3D Experience Space" displayed at the programme brought many attractive activities to visitors.

The historic and cultural sites in Hanoi were shown at the programme lively.

Organised in 5 consecutive days with active, diversified and meaningful contents, "Memories of Hanoi" has become a highlight of a series of activities to welcome the New Year 2016 in the city.

The programme really attracted numerous local residents, domestic and international visitors.

The programme received nearly 120,000 domestic and international visitors, of which the number of foreign tourists was estimated at about 5,000 arrivals.

However, the event had some limitations due to the short preparation period (nearly three months). If prepared in the longer time, the organizers will explore more photos and items of old Hanoi to display at the programme, exploit more traditional games, street music and further enhances the arrangement of flowers and miniatures to serve tourists for taking souvenir photos.

At the closing ceremony, the municipal Department of Tourism awarded to organizations and individuals for their contributions to the "Memories of Hanoi" programme.
Source From hanoitimes

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