Italian guitarist to perform in Hanoi

04:12:55 Wednesday, January 06, 2016
Well-known Italian guitarist Ermanno Bottiglieri will perform at a show entitled The Music's Ways Vol.4 at French Cultural Centre L'Espace in Hanoi on January 7 night.

Bottiglieri will perform his own compositions. Besides music for solo guitar, compositions for both guitar and other instruments such as the violin, flute or bassoon will be performed.

Besides Bottiglieri, musicians and lecturers from the Vietnam National Academy of Music will also perform that night.

The concert follows the success of The Music's Ways Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3, which have been organised by Bottiglieri very successfully in Japan since 2014. All his shows feature his own compositions and performances.

The Italian musician has performed several times in Europe, South America and Asia in the past 30 years, which have been enthusiastically welcomed by the audience.
Source Vietnam+

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