Hanoi deserves as a natinonal big cultural center

10:44:48 Saturday, January 09, 2016
"Hanoi deserves to be an national key cultural center", this comment was said by Deputy Chairman of Hanoi People`s Committee Le Hong Son at the conference to review the performances of the municipal Department of Culture and Sports in 2015 and orientation for 2016 on January 7.

The outstanding highlights of Hanoi's cultural and sports events in 2015 were the completion of the total inventory, assessment and classification of monuments which was assessed to achieve outstanding results by the Acceptance Council, construction of development plan on mass sport through 2020, oriented by 2030.

In 2015, the city's cultural and sport sector successfully organised the conference to review the Programme 04 of the City Party's Steering Committee on "Developing culture and society, improving the quality of municipal human resources and building elegant and civilized Hanoians in the 2011-2015 period.

Specifically, Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports also hold successfully culture and sport activities to welcome political events, major holidays of the country and the capital in 2015 such as celebrations of the 85th anniversary of establishment of the Vietnamese Communist Party, 70 years of the August Revolution and National Day, September 2.

Hanoi's some cultural events that took place for the first has become a capital cultural trademark in the new period. According to Deputy Chairman Le Hong Son, culture has become a spiritual force for the community.

At the conference

At the conference, city leaders asked the Department to early carry out the rule of behavior in the community.

Deputy Chairman Son required the city's culture and sports sector to have a plan to protect the degraded monuments after completing the total inventory of relics.

Director of the municipal Department of Culture and Sports To Van Dong stressed that the department will regulate outdoor advertising activities.

The department targets to focus on building the capital's deep and colourful-rich culture, Director Dong stated.
Source Hanoitimes

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