Female writers named in under-40 writing contest

05:25:13 Wednesday, December 26, 2018
Five writers were honoured recently at the National Writing Competition 2018 for Young Writers, organised by HCM City Writers’ Association in co-operation with its partners in HCM City.

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Two publications, Maik Cây’s Wittgenstein Của Thiên Đường Đen (Wittgenstein in Black Heaven) and Mai Thao Yen’s Người Lạ (Stranger), won second prize at National Writing Competition 2018 for Young Writers Young in HCM City. - Photo courtesy of the organiser

The winners were all born after 1982. Most of their works focus on the lives of young people, their challenges and dreams in a changing world.

The contest had no first prize. Second prizes went to Maik Cay and Mai Thao Yen.

Third prizes were shared by Pham Thu Ha, Hien Trang and Pham Ba Diep, who was the only male winner.

While Cay’s Wittgenstein Của Thiên Đường Đen (Wittgenstein in Black Heaven) portrays the dreams of humans, Yen’s Người Lạ (Stranger) tells conflicts between science and life.

Women’s human rights and gender equality are highlighted in the works by Ha and Trang.

Unlike other young writers, Diep’s work, Yagon- Những Kẻ Vô Cảm (Yagon- Emotionless People), features complicated philosophical issues.

Through his work, Diep sends his message about the earth and human beings.

"I think young writers need to overcome hardships in daily life to maintain sufficient involvement in writing," said Yen, who works in Sweden, during an interview with local media at the contest’s awards presentation ceremony.

With different backgrounds, the winners show their own distinctive style.

The organisers, including Trẻ (Youth) Publishing House and Tuổi Trẻ (The Youth) newspaper, hope the competition, which has been held every two years since 2000, will give young writers a chance to develop their careers and attract potential publishers.

“We hope to introduce new, quality books for readers,” Duong Thanh Truyen, head of the contest’s organising board, said.

The National Writing Competition 2018 for Young Writers received 458 works in fiction and short stories by professional and amateur Vietnamese writers worldwide.

Respected authors Nguyen Thanh Thi, Phan Hon Nhien and Nguyen Ngoc Tu were part of the jury.

The winners’ works will be printed and distributed by Trẻ Publishing House.

Previous competitions have produced winners who have gone on to become popular among young readers.

Tu, a member of the contest’s jury this year, succeeded in impressing both young and older readers by focusing on the rural life of farmers in her native land, the southern province of Ca Mau.

One of her books, Cánh Đồng Bất Tận (Endless Fields), released in 2005, has been reprinted several times and is still a bestseller.

The book was also honoured with the Southeast Asian Writers Award in 2008 by the Thai Royal Family. The award encourages and honours poets and writers in the ASEAN region. 
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